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No one wants pests in their home! They are unsanitary and can spread harmful diseases. If you’ve been hearing mice and squirrels in the attic, or you’ve been seeing the waste products they leave behind, it’s definitely time to schedule a pest control and seal-out appointment with the experts at Roof MD. Our company in Germantown, Tennessee is known for providing world-class roofing and chimney repair services, but we also provide comprehensive pest seal-out services intended to help keep your family safe and comfortable. Roof MD can seal pest entry points in roofs, chimneys, and walls.

How Small Pests Enter Your Home

Small pests like mice, rats, and insects are a nuisance. They can easily fit into small entry points on the roof, chimney, and walls. They can enter through improperly sealed drainage pipes, vent pipes on the roof, and cracks in the walls and foundation. Rodents have also been known to create their own entry points by chewing through roofing materials such as ridge cap plugs. In addition, pests can easily climb down an unsealed chimney flue.

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How Large Pests Enter Your Home

When homeowners hear the sounds of pests in an attic or on the roof, they often assume the pests are mice or rats. However, larger animals like raccoons can also enter your home. Even though they are too large to fit into smaller entry points, raccoons are clever and strong opportunists who will go to great lengths to secure shelter. Here are a few common entry points:

  • Roof-soffit intersection: This is the point where a soffit sits above a section of the roof. Raccoons will fight their way through the soffit, where they can then access the attic.
  • Roof vents: Raccoons have been known to destroy roof vent covers in search of shelter.
  • Chimneys: Raccoons enjoy nesting inside unprotected chimneys, which mimic hollow tree cavities.

How Roof MD Seals Out Pests

Our experienced professionals know all the tricks pests use to gain access to homes. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your roof, chimney, and walls to locate pest entry points. Each time we identify a possible entry point, we’ll use proven materials to fill the voids or otherwise prevent entry to pests.

No one should have to live with pests inside their home. Give your pests an eviction notice by calling Roof MD at (901) 305-9136. Our experienced, courteous professionals are fully licensed, insured, and certified. Based in Germantown, Tennessee, our contractors are always happy to travel to the surrounding areas, including Memphis, Collierville, and Olive Branch. Get in touch with us today for more information!